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Cat out of the bag: Data Exchange

September 30th, 2006 | by mm | No Comments

From the The Tool Kit by Jost Zetzsche.

A reader recently asked the about translation memory exchange between different translation environment tools. Here is the most fundamental guideline.

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Localization World in Montreal

September 30th, 2006 | by mm | No Comments

The other day a former colleague of mine pointed out to me, that he is in the program of the upcoming Localization World. I browsed the offerings and I’ve got to say this is again going to be an exciting and not to be missed event! The sessions are inviting you to a roller coaster of information on the tracks of the Localization Industry. If you have no plans yet for the week of October 16-18, 2006, now is your (almost last) chance to sign up. Check here for details.

Articles on the LTD News site

September 30th, 2006 | by mm | No Comments

We have begun with an earlier promised initiative (all the way back to the proposal of the LTD) here on the LTD News site; the publication of feature long articles. This initiative is still in its early stages but we hope over time to get more interesting articles into our “Permanent Collection” with the permission of the authors and the initial publishers and producers. These articles will focus on what we perceive as the 4 dynamic forces of contemporary commercial translation (and to a certain degree interpretation): Techniques, Standards, Tools, and Trends. Read the articles in the LTD Library.

Cat out of the bag: Better Names

September 21st, 2006 | by mm | No Comments

Ideas and opinions are what make us think and grow. Following is an editiorial from The Tool Kit by Jost Zetzsche. Which also gives us the opportunity to announce a syndication with The Tool Kit. We will periodically publish articles from this “computer newsletter for translators.” Stay tuned…

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Swiss Army knifes: The basic tools set up

September 17th, 2006 | by mm | No Comments

Since the days I taught in a Translation Certification Program years back about tools that belong in every Translator’s office, whether it be in a SOHO or in-house somewhere in the corporate world, I am intrigued by articles, books and seminars that round them up for you in a comprehensive, convenient manner. Here is an interesting article written by Pablo Muñoz Sánchez at the website of the Translation Journal.

Citing from the introduction of the posting:
“… The aim of this paper is thus […], presenting a quick overview of a wide variety of electronic tools for Windows which make the translation process easier and faster and of which translators should have a good command in order to satisfy today’s market demands.”

For more read on at http://accurapid.com/journal/38tools.htm.

Mac & Translation Tools: TransMUG gone public

September 17th, 2006 | by mm | No Comments

The group surrounding Yves Avérous has finally taken the activities of TransMUG “publicly”. This should help to connect the Mac platform based translator community. Here is what their mission statement has to say:

“TransMUG is a Mac User Group created by members of the Northern California Translators Association and aimed at translators using the Mac platform. Articles found on this blog are intended to inform and help translators get the most of their computing environment and/or help them make a decision in their choice of hardware, including making the move from the Windows platform. TransMUG also includes a Yahoo! Groups list to which you may subscribe to become a member of the group and receive invitation to meetings and special offers.”

Visit them at http://transmug.com/ or at their mailing list home at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/transmug.