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Cat out of the bag: Here Comes the Sun

November 21st, 2006 | by mm | No Comments

From the The Tool Kit by Jost Zetzsche.

Here is a find that you don’t make every day: unbeknown to much of the translation industry, Sun has released very large and very good glossaries for many of their products at https://g11nportal.sun.com/sungloss. You can freely register and then use the online glossary tool to look up individual terms or term lists, or you can also request downloadable .csv files that you can then use in a tool of your choice. It’s really quite excellent and a MUST for anyone who does anything even remotely connected to software translation.

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Post First Annual Meeting

November 9th, 2006 | by mm | No Comments

Here are the highlights for those who had no chance to come to New Orleans or whose conflicting sessions did not allow for attendance at the first business meeting. Everyone I talked to told me that it went pretty well. We had a nice turnout and signed up 10 new members at the meeting! From the subscriptions to the mailing list I can tell that the word must have spread as we have signed up many more members in the last few days after the conference. Here some highlights of the meeting:

  • Current LTD administrator Michael Metzger gave an introduction to the division, presented this Website, and laid out the objectives of the division.
  • TAC Chairman Dr. Alan Melby outlined TAC activities, established understanding of LTD contributions to TAC and clarified our common goals.
  • Webmaster Tony Roder presented the mailing list.
  • LTD members appointed a nominations committee for next year’s election of LTD officials.
  • LTD members voted on the bylaws.
  • Finally we spend time on Q&A and LTD members appointed Michael Metzger to represent the division at the upcoming Translation Summit 2007.