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From the Admin Desk: AMTA 2010 conference: Call for MT User Presentations

May 16th, 2010 | by mm | No Comments

Call for MT User Presentations: Commercial Users and Translators

The AMTA is seeking case studies and user stories for the AMTA 2010 conference – October 31-November 5, Denver, Colorado, immediately following ATA conference.

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From the Admin Desk: Editors & Writers wanted

May 9th, 2010 | by mm | No Comments

All hands on deck!
We are looking for LTD members interested in and thinking about some volunteering opportunities in the LTD. We have something for You! Join our production team of editors, reviewers or fact checkers (yours to decide) in any upcoming LTD newsletter production cycle. Currently we use a publication model that really serves us well given the fact that everything we do is based on volunteering efforts: We finish articles for publication as we do have time and as they are submitted by the writers. First step is to post them here. Once we reach our publication volume threshold we DTP the articles and publish them in a newsletter. That helps us with the coordination, deadlines etc. As you can tell there is no commitment anxiety you would have to fear. There are only take aways: to gain experience, exposure and do something to be proud of!
So if you are interested and would like to know more, please contact us.

The creative outlet
We are also looking for great content to be published in our newsletter, blog or in our collection of great articles. Sure there is some limitation to everything in life. Here it would be content needs to be related to Language Technologies used in the process of Translation and Localization. But from there the sky is the limit. Translation Environments, CATs, MTs, Speech to Text, Office Utilities and mechanical pencil sharpener. Surprise us!