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What is the Language Technology Division?

May 25th, 2006 | by LTD

What is the Language Technology Division?

At this point a proposal, a petition, the bylaws, this website, a mailing list and tons of plans.

The background: In December 2005, ATA member Michael Metzger had the idea of a language-independent divsion within the ATA that would serve as a meeting point for those interested in technologies and techniques used in translation, interpretation and related industries. He circulated the idea among fellow ATA members and found everyone sympathetic to the idea. Next he begun drawing up a proposal, asked friends and collegues for feedback and got several of them involved in helping to establish the foundations for such a division.

The results of this ongoing effort can be found on these pages. Please continue reading and hopefully you will be interested in the initiative, join us and sign the petition!

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