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ATA Tools Forum – 2008 Summary

January 26th, 2009 | by Naomi de Moraes

Dear colleagues,

For the last few years, ATA has hosted a Tools Forum at the annual conference. Tool vendors are invited to answer a set of questions in writing, and their answers are provided to attendees. They are then invited to talk for a few minutes each on the stage about their product. For the first time, the LTD is providing an electronic copy of the handout, which contains vendors’ answers to the following questions:

(1) Very brief overview description of your product line
(2) List of tools or tool functions that apply to an individual translator
(3) List of tools or tool functions that apply to a project manager within a translation company
(4) What’s new in your product line since November 2007 (the last ATA conference)?
(5) What is in the pipeline for your products during the next 12 months?
(6) What is distinctive about your product line (no mention of other vendors)?
(7) Answers to the following frequently asked questions:
7a – What versions of Windows are supported (in particular, is Vista supported yet?)
7b – Do your tools run on natively under the Mac OS or Linux?
– If not, do your tools run on a Mac using a Windows virtual machine?
7c – Which source text file formats do you support (including bilingual formats)?
7d – Which of the following data standards do you support?
− TMX (if so, do you also support SRX?)
− XLIFF (including access to non-translation data, not just as an XML file)
− TBX (if so, which TBX TMLs?)
− Any other exchange formats supported (please list)
7e – What training and tech support options are available at what price?
(8) Contact information for attendees to find out more about your company and product line.

The following companies (products in parentheses) responded:

  • Across (Across Language Server)
  • Alchemy (Catalyst, Publisher)
  • Atril (Déjà Vu X)
  • Language Technology Centre (Worx)
  • Multiling (Fortis, Semantis, GoldenEye)
  • Plunet (Plunet)
  • SDL (Trados Suite, Trados Server, MultiTerm, Passolo)
  • STAR Group (Star Transit)
  • Terminotix (LogiTermWeb, AlignFactory, Synchroterm)
  • Wordfast (Wordfast)
  • Wordfinder (Wordfinder)

Click here to download the handout!

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