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Upside down: LTD is established!

August 20th, 2006 | by mm

The Division was approved by the Board of the ATA on 8.12.06. Once again thanks to all the visionairies willing to sign the petition!

Now we are going to move things around a bit and maybe take some pages down as they are no longer needed. What we really want to start now are the categories that make sense for the Language Technology Division and are interesting to Language Professionals working with Language Technology.

But to give everyone an idea where we stand and what is happening and what needs to be done (yes, we are really NOT interested to turn this into “one man dog & pony show” but into a real division with members participating).

Michael Wahlster, our BlogMeister asked me to write a blog. To tell you what happens on my way to work on Highway 280 (people I call asking me “Michael are you phoning from the car AGAIN?”). When I let the ideas coming to my mind resonate with everyone I trust (like Michael Wahlster) and the things I think we need to do next (talking to Tony or Mary).

So fine, I will write about the things that are happening. I think that is good. Transparency. “No backroom dealings”. You want to be part of the team, just join. See for yourself!

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