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Status 8.20.06

August 20th, 2006 | by mm

Here are some highlights for last week:

  • Michael Metzger will remain the contact for ATA LTD activities until representatives are elected by the membership of the LTD at the Division Meeting in New Orleans on November, 4th.
  • A nomination committee needs to be appointed to get the election off the ground for November. Anyone interested to join the committee, please contact Michael. Anyone you would like to nominate for a position in the division, please contact Michael Metzger for now.
  • Eric Bullington is joining forces. He will work with Michael Wahlster at a WIKI project and contribute content on the Website. We are very excited to have our first article some time soon!
  • We contacted ATA Chronicle for possible posting of articles we find interesting in the context of the LTD objectives.
  • We have also written an announcement for the Chronicle to reach a wider audience of ATA members. We hope more members will join us in our mailing list throughout the next few weeks.
  • The group will certainly be listed in next year’s ATA membership renewal form. You can then join us automatically.
  • We want to contact industry experts for possible content syndication. If you think you know someone we should contact for content, please let us know (Michael Metzger).
  • Also a reminder, this Division is open for any ATA membership level to join.
  • We need to celebrate the division. Party On, New Orleans here we come! So apart from the official date on Saturday were we should vote for proper representation, we think we need the night out before to convince some more folks to participate in the activities of this division. After all there is nothing more dead serious than committments made while getting drunk in the swamps! But before we get there, you need to join our mailing list. See for details below and in the left pane.

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