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MemoQ – an upgrade worth purchasing

August 5th, 2009 | by Naomi de Moraes

I have heard about the snafus SDL Trados users have had upgrading to the most recent version. In response to this, MemoQ vendor Kilgray have offered an alternative — upgrade from SDL Trados to MemoQ. This is the offer I received in my inbox:

If you are currently using Trados 2006, SDL charge you €345 to upgrade to Trados Studio 2009 Freelance Plus and a further €2,265 to upgrade from Trados Studio 2009 Freelance Plus to Trados Studio 2009 Professional from 1st July 2009.

Kilgray is offering an upgrade from any version of Trados to our professional edition memoQ translator professional for €350.

Please contact us if you want to upgrade from another tool.

MemoQ normally costs 620 €, so this is a good deal. If you are not familiar with MemoQ, I wrote a review of it, which is in the latest version of the ATA Chronicle. The last sentence in their offer gives the impression that they might provide an upgrade from other competing tools too.

An interesting feature of the newest version of MemoQ is sub-segment matching, which looks up strings of 3+ words from your source sentence in the TM. I have often been frustrated by TM lookups when I am sure I translated something similar, but due to match scoring the prior sentence does not appear in the segment matches. This is a much awaited recent development.

Naomi de Moraes

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