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Status 8.27.08

August 27th, 2006 | by mm

Here another update on the activities of the division.

  • You can now join the division in the Membership section through the ATA Website. Login with your ATA member ID and add us to your division selections. Get the details here.
  • We were contacted by several ATA members and discussed future collaboration, content contributions and other support these members can offer. Needless to say we welcome any member who wants to actively participate. Contact us!
  • We approved on a daily base new subcriptions to the divsion’s forum (mailing list). But we also realized that we have not stressed enough the point that this group is not only for people interested in Language Technology but is also a group to support those who have particular questions about Language Technology. So don’t hesitate to join the experts and become one yourself!
  • We contacted industry experts and organizations as planned. The response to the establishment of this new division was so far very positive. Press releases were sent out and are written as we are going forward.
  • Again it can’t be stressed enough: If you like to join the activities, planning, organizing of this Division, contact us.

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