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Crowd, Cloud and Machine Translation

November 7th, 2009 | by mm

Our Annual General Meeting was definitely a “not to be missed event” at the ATA Conference in NY thanks to the enlightening and insightful presentations and answers of our panel, Rosana Wolochwianski, Naomi Baer and Beatriz Bonnet moderated through key questions by Laurie Gerber. One can really say that myth, hype and distortion were lifted in this session and gave attendees some perspective where the trends are going. Another voice echoing our findings at the conference can be heard (and read) here.  Insightful perspective on Translation Crowdsourcing from Jost Zetsche. If the link does not work for you, you will find the article published in the next ATA Chronicle or in Jost’s biweekly newsletter.

3 Responses to “Crowd, Cloud and Machine Translation”

  1. Jenn Mercer Says:

    I appreciated the “nuts and bolts” nature of this division meeting. It is too easy for these to be bureaucratic exercises, but the Language Technology Division definitely used their time effectively. I suppose that I should expect no less of a division that is all about increasing efficiency.

  2. elvirs Says:

    I would love to read the article, which LinkedIn group is that?
    I’m on LinkedIn too and I would like to join that group, an invitation is very appreciated,
    thanks elvirs@gmail.com

  3. Michael Metzger Says:

    The LinkedIn group is called Localization Professional (L10N Professional).

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