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Swiss Army knifes: The basic tools set up

September 17th, 2006 | by mm

Since the days I taught in a Translation Certification Program years back about tools that belong in every Translator’s office, whether it be in a SOHO or in-house somewhere in the corporate world, I am intrigued by articles, books and seminars that round them up for you in a comprehensive, convenient manner. Here is an interesting article written by Pablo Muñoz Sánchez at the website of the Translation Journal.

Citing from the introduction of the posting:
“… The aim of this paper is thus […], presenting a quick overview of a wide variety of electronic tools for Windows which make the translation process easier and faster and of which translators should have a good command in order to satisfy today’s market demands.”

For more read on at http://accurapid.com/journal/38tools.htm.

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