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Post First Annual Meeting

November 9th, 2006 | by mm

Here are the highlights for those who had no chance to come to New Orleans or whose conflicting sessions did not allow for attendance at the first business meeting. Everyone I talked to told me that it went pretty well. We had a nice turnout and signed up 10 new members at the meeting! From the subscriptions to the mailing list I can tell that the word must have spread as we have signed up many more members in the last few days after the conference. Here some highlights of the meeting:

  • Current LTD administrator Michael Metzger gave an introduction to the division, presented this Website, and laid out the objectives of the division.
  • TAC Chairman Dr. Alan Melby outlined TAC activities, established understanding of LTD contributions to TAC and clarified our common goals.
  • Webmaster Tony Roder presented the mailing list.
  • LTD members appointed a nominations committee for next year’s election of LTD officials.
  • LTD members voted on the bylaws.
  • Finally we spend time on Q&A and LTD members appointed Michael Metzger to represent the division at the upcoming Translation Summit 2007.

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