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From the Admin Desk: AMTA 2010 conference: Call for MT User Presentations

May 16th, 2010 | by mm

Call for MT User Presentations: Commercial Users and Translators

The AMTA is seeking case studies and user stories for the AMTA 2010 conference – October 31-November 5, Denver, Colorado, immediately following ATA conference.


The ninth biennial conference of the Association for Machine Translation in
the Americas (AMTA-2010) will be held at the Westin Tabor Center in Denver
Colorado, Sunday, October 31 through Friday, November 5. AMTA-2010 will take
place immediately following the ATA conference, also taking place in Denver, October 27-30.
The two conferences are planning multiple coordinated events around joint
topics of interest. These are designed to deepen MT researchers’ and
developers’ understanding of the needs of the commercial translation industry
and human translators, while also fostering translators’ understanding of
modern MT technology and the role of advanced translation automation in
commercial translation processes.

Call for MT User Presentations: Commercial Users and Translators

Contact: Mike Dillinger ( mike@translationOptimization.com )

The Commercial User track will welcome presentations on post-editing and best
practices for working with MT in a production environment.

Important dates:
– Submissions due: Monday, June 28
– Notification of acceptance: Monday, July 12
– Final “camera-ready” versions due: Monday, August 16

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
– Integrating MT and human translation
– Post-editing experiences and data about productivity
– ROI analyses of post-editing versus translation
– Use of MT to provide localization of data-driven, dynamic, or user-specific
– Use of MT to reduce localization time and/or cost
– Ways in which MT can be used to increase the scope of globalization projects
– Managing change when implementing MT systems
– Open-source and low-cost MT tools: are they realistic and is there a market
for them?

What to submit:
Ideal presentations will clearly identify a business need and describe how MT
meets those needs, with a candid assessment of its strengths and limitations
for that particular usage. Submissions should be 250-500 word summaries and
may be sent directly in e-mail or as attachments in RTF format.

How to submit:
Send submissions or questions by email to Mike Dillinger
(mike@translationOptimization.com) by Monday, June 28.

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