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“New Year’s Resolution” from the Administrator

January 7th, 2007 | by mm

Hello and Happy New Year!

Seems like everybody including myself went on hibernation. Well quite the contrary is true but you would not know if you were to follow these blog entries here. Foremost, at last count we are on our way to a full-blown ATA division with almost 300 members! And that was just before Christmas. When the dust settles after the ATA membership renewals we would not be surprised if that number has doubled. But, most of the new members are not yet connected with us. And we are planning to put an end to this. There is a mailing list subscription campaign, a newsletter and some changes in the way how you subscribe to the mailing list via the ATA pages. It is all coming along at its own pace (“when it’s ready it’s ready”). Sure, if you want to be part of the movers and shakers of the division don’t hesitate to contact us. Just follow the links on the left side of your screen. Would that not be an exciting resolution?

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