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From the Admin Desk: Don't try this at home

July 25th, 2010 | by mm

Probably you have. Leave all your electronic valuables to the risks of theft, damage, and other worldly disasters. Help can only be given to those who read the following article from our esteemed Webmaster Michael Wahlster. Michael had to add a minor correction to the well written piece which we will publish here.

“As of version 0.8 from June 2010, Google Mail support has been removed from FireGPG and the add-on will not be developed further. A possible substitute is the Gmail S/MIME add-on by Sean Leonard and Richard Jones.”

Now the article can be found at: Protect Your Most Valuable Assets: Data Security and Confidentiality. And did I mention it was the Feature Article of the ATA Chronicle in its June issue? Congratulations Michael!

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