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Articles in Last Newsletter, and Deadline for next newsletter fast approaching!

January 23rd, 2008 | by Naomi de Moraes

The ATA has not yet sent out the official message to members that the most recent LTD newsletter is available, so let me provide readers with a preview. Don’t forget that the deadline for submissions for the next issue is Feb. 15th!

Thomas Hedden wrote an interesting article about DVD Region Codes and Video Encoding Standards, and How to Overcome Them. I was totally unaware that DVD region codes affected PC DVD players, and not just stand-alone DVD players. Half my DVDs were purchased in the US and half in Brazil, but my current DVD-Rom drive is too old to complain. I live in a Korean neighborhood and I wonder how the Korean DVD rental stores deal with this problem. Do users have to have two DVD players at home? That sounds awful, but I can’t imagine the Korean DVD manufacturers releasing Korean films for every immigrant community in the world. The best part is where Thomas tells us…

… about an inexpensive utility that lets us play DVDs from any region on our PCs.

Emily Tell wrote about dotSub, an instant online subtitle website. I do not do subtitling, but it is an interesting concept. Has anyone used this site or online translation tool sites? I would be interested in knowing about them.

Jost Zetzsche’s article talks about the importance of expanding our current proficiency level with our CAT tool of choice by not being afraid to poke around and find out more.

In the Trados Tip column, Tuomas Kostiainen tells us the best way to translate Excel files.

In my Quick Tips column I talk about windows annoyances and how to remove them.

Don’t forget to submit your articles for the next issue by February 15th!

Naomi de Moraes

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