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MS Office Proofing Tools – Major backstep

January 27th, 2008 | by Naomi de Moraes

I recently purchased the Portuguese Microsoft Office Professional, which claims to include proofing tools for Portuguese, English, and some other languages. I really, really like the new layout of Microsoft office 2007 products and have avoided using MS Office 2003 (though I still need it for compatibility with some translation tools). Unfortunately, today I discovered that it’s spelling checker for UK English is a complete dunce. It didn’t recognize: incorporation, validation, Lisbon, collectable, pursuant, Angola and some other common words. It also had no suggestions for many words it underlined. Since it did perform a spelling check, and did find one misspelled word, it is installed correctly. Even worse, …

…it would not let me add the “new” words to the dictionary. The button was not greyed-out, but clicking on it had no effect. Do we now need to purchase third-party tools that take over Word’s proofing tools? And if so, is anyone selling them for Word 2007 yet? I know that FLiP (for Portuguese) has already come out for MS Word 2007, so I guess I will have to upgrade, but not having the names of all the countries and simple dictionary words is pretty ridiculous. My spelling check tool in Firefox (an add-in) works better and it is free. Can anyone tell me if other languages are as poorly implemented?

Naomi de Moraes

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