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LTD Petition

The bylaws of the American Translators Association require a petition to be filed by a minimum of 20 active Members of the association for the establishment of a division. Such petition has to be signed and submitted in writing (regular mail or fax). We want to submit the petition to the next regular Board meeting of the ATA in August. Please submit the petition by no later than 7.31.06.

Please download, print and sign the petition and send it by mail or fax to the following address.

American Translators Association
ATN: ATA LTD Petition
225 Reinekers Lane, #590
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Or fax it to the following number:
Fax: (703) 683-6122
Following is the content of the petition. You can print this document out from the links provided here:PDF file: http://www.languagetechdivision.org/documents/foundation/Petition_Individual_LTD.pdf

OR zipped: http://www.languagetechdivision.org/documents/foundation/Petition_Individual_LTD.pdf.zip

Word document: http://www.languagetechdivision.org/documents/foundation/Petition_Individual_LTD.zip


I hereby petition for the establishment of a division of the American Translators Association, to be known as the Language Technology Division (LTD), which shall abide by the Bylaws of the American Translators Association and the division bylaws attached hereto.

I, the undersigned, am an individual voting member in good standing of the American Translators Association. I intend to remain a member of this Association and to participate in the activities of the proposed Language Technology Division.


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Note: Only Active and Corresponding ATA members are voting members. Active or Corresponding membership is achieved when an individual either passes an ATA certification examination or successfully undergoes a review of professional credentials by ATA’s Membership Review Committee. For additional information on ATA membership categories and the membership review process, please visit the ATA website at www.atanet.org.