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Membership in the ATA Language Technology Division is free to ATA members of all levels. Simply sign up in the Members Only section of the ATA Website, in your ATA membership application or with your next ATA membership renewal.

Existing ATA members can now join the Language Techology Division online by logging in with their membership number and e-mail address in the header of any page of the ATA website.

  • Once logged in, you should see a header titled “Change Your ATA Information Online” (about halfway down the page) and under that a menu item called “Join An ATA Division.”
  • When you click the link “Join An ATA Division”, you will see a list of all the divisions you currently belong to and under that a list of divisions you do not currently belong to.
  • To join the LTD, you just need to click in the box next to the division’s name.
  • Note that you can also terminate any division memberships by clicking on a checked box to clear out the checkmark.

The online division membership directory will be set up for the LTD soon and we will announce its completion.