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LTD Newsletter Articles

Beginning 2010 we are going to start and try out a new concept with LTD Newsletter and it’s articles. We will publish articles separately upfront before collecting them in a newsletter that goes out to our membership. Once we reach a certain publication volume threshold (by pages) we will DTP the articles for distribution in our newsletter. Please feel free to send us comments, suggestions and perhaps your very own contribution to the LTD Newsletter.

2010 Articles Issue 1

The articles posted here simply present the writer’s view on the subject matter. The opinions expressed and information presented does not reflect the ATA or its division nor shall they be construed as a product, service or any other kind of endorsement by the ATA and its division. The ATA reserves the right to edit submitted articles and reject their publication if not deemed to be in alignment with its business policies and regulatory compliance requirements.

During the migration from one theme to another we are restructuring our data repositories. It is possible that at times not all PDF files are available to be served to the browser. We are aware of this and hope to finalize the new structure as soon as possible.-Webmaster