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  • Issue 2 – 2010 (3,360K)
    ATA Language Technology Division Session Highlights by Michael Metzger
    The Impact of MT on the Professional Translator, by Rosana Wolochwianski
    Crowdsourcing Translation, by Naomi Baer
    Tool Tips, by Naomi J. Sutcliffe de Moraes
    Window(s) shopping, by Jost Zetzsche
  • Issue 1 – 2010 (6,343K)
    ATA Language Technology Division Annual Meeting Minutes taken by Emily Tell
    The Beetext Flow Leadership, by Patrick Reuter
    Panel Presentation on Cloud Computing, Crowdsourcing & Machine Translation, by Emily Tell
    Wealth of Multilingual Reference Material at Your Finger Tips, by Rubén de la Fuente
    Trados Tip, by Tuomas Kostiainen
  • Issue 1 – 2009 (1,309K)
    Distinguished Speakers: 2009 Conference Dr. Lisa Sattler and Prof. Klaus-Dirk Schmitz.
    Call for Nominations The Language Technology Division calls for nominations from the LTD membership for the position of Administrator and Assistant Administrator.
    Controlled Language: Does My Company Need It?, by Uwe Muegge How does it work and how can your company benefit from introducing a controlled language.
    Found CAT, by Thelma L. Sabim Why Omega T is my favorite computer-assisted translation program.
    Trados Tip, by Tuomas Kostiainen Where do I get MultiTermn glossaries?
    Product Survey, by Naomi Sutcliffe de Moraes A survey of corpus tools for translators.
  • Issue 4 – 2008 (943K)
    Can I Remove a Word from Office’s Speller Dictionary?, by Thierry Fontenelle If you ever wanted to improve Office’s spell-checker, here are some suggestions for you.
    ATA Language Technology Division Annual Meeting Minutes taken by Laurie Gerber.
    Trados Tip, by Tuomas Kostiainen Tuomas reminds us that MultiTerm is part of the Trados package and should not be forgotten.
    Sil Converter: A Freeware, Universal World Font Converter, by Ravishankar Shrivastava Glimpse into the world of pre-Unicode font conversion – and why it is still relevant today.
    The Continuing Evolution of Automated Translation Technology: RbMT vs. SMT, by Kirti Vashee A look at the two main approaches to machine translation.
  • Issue 3 – 2008 (582K)
    X_Keys: Convenience to the X_treme, by Sam Stallard For all those RSI sufferers among us, Sam introduces us to an extremely useful shortcut keypad that you program yourself to reduce the number of (awkward!) keystrokes we make each day.
    Tool Tips, by Naomi J. Sutcliffe de Moraes How to increase monitor space is the topic of this tip from Naomi.
    What is Really at Stake with Machine Translation?, by Rosana Wolochwianski MT is a hot topic in our industry and others, and Rosana her insights as a professional in the field.
    Trados Tip, by Tuomas Kostiainen Tuomas provides still more handy tips on translating Excel files with Trados and TagEditor.
  • Issue 2 – 2008 (579K)
    Free and Open Source Software for Translators, by Corinne McKay
    Corinne walks us through what FOSS is, why it’s important, and what’s available for translators.
    Tool Tips, by Naomi J. Sutcliffe de Moraes
    If you’ve ever been asked to deliver a translation in SDL Trados segmented format but don’t have SDL Trados, Naomi wrote this article for you!
    Articulate Presenter, by Emily Tell
    Emily reviews a software product that allows you to create professional Flash presentations the quick and easy way.
    Trends in Language Technology: Machine Translation
    Our current administrator, Dierk, ruminates on the prevalence of machine translation in the news these days and where it might be heading.
    Trados Tip, by Tuomas Kostiainen
    Tuomas points out how useful the Trados concordance function can be and how to use it.
  • Issue 1 – 2008 (565K)
    Turbocharging Your QA: Regular Expressions for Translators, by Jonathan Lukens
    Jonathan compares Dreamweaver and MS Word regular expression syntax and walks us through how to use them to make our QA process that much faster.
    Quick Tips, by Naomi J. Sutcliffe de Moraes
    Naomi went all out in this issue, providing us with four very handy tips regarding DéjàVuX tags, DéjàVuX key combinations, getting to know Microsoft Word, and layout in Word with tables.
    A Slightly Faster and Safer Internet FREE!, by Carey Holzman
    Well-known radio host and author Carey Holzman graciously allowed us to reprint this article, which explains domain name servers and how they make our lives easier every day.
    Trados Tip, by Tuomas Kostiainen
    Here, Tuomas sets out the very useful substitutions function in Translator’s Workbench.
  • Issue 4 – 2007 (1.27M)
    DVD Region Codes and Video Encoding Standards, and How to Overcome Them, by Thomas Hedden
    Thomas takes us through the various ways we can play DVDs and videos from other countries on our players here in North America.
    Quick Tips, by Naomi de Moraes
    Here Naomi looks at how to create a partition for your dictionaries on CD, how to modify your system to avoid that “Are you sure you want to send XXX to the Recycle Bin” message, and customizing the location of your My Documents folder.
    dotSub: The Instant Online Subtitle Website, by Emily Tell
    In this article, Emily introduces us to dotSub and summarizes a presentation she attended regarding this online subtitling tool.
    Curiosity does NOT kill the CAT, by Jost Zetzsche
    Here, Jost encourages us to expand our current proficiency level with our CAT tool of choice by not being afraid to poke around and find out more.
    Trados Tip, by Tuomas Kostiainen
    Trouble translating Excel files? Read this to see the method Tuomas recommends.
  • Issue 3 – 2007 (1.03M)
    The Impact of Translation Memory Tools, by Ahmed Saleh Elimam
    In this article, Ahmed examines how TM tools have changed our profession.
    Quick Tips, by Naomi de Moraes
    Also in the first of what is now a regular column, Naomi looks at the search and replace, and research/lookup functions.
    We’re Communicators, Not Just Tool Users, by Geoff Hart
    Geoff takes a look at how those in the writing industry are now sought for their skills with the various tools they use for communication rather than their skill as communicators.
    Web-Basted Translation and Translation Management:Pootle – Part 2, Online Translation, by Dierk Seeburg
    In the second of this series of articles, Dierk examines the translation process within Pootle once you’re up and running.
    Trados Tip, by Tuomas Kostiainen
    Tuomas examines the “Use TM from previous analysis” option
  • Issue 2 – 2007 (695K)
    Freeware vs. Free Software, by Corinne McKay
    Corinne provides a brief introduction to the difference between software that is given away at no cost and software that is open source.
    Finally! A Good, Affordable Terminology Management Program, by Lee Wright
    Lee offers an in-depth review of the Logo 4.0 terminology management system.
    A Linguistic Atlas, by Andrew Bertallot
    Andrew looks at the elements involved in designing a robust, functional, online linguistic atlas.
    LTD Joins TranslationSummit!, by Michael Metzger
    Our Division Administrator summarizes participation at the 2nd TranslationSummit.
    Web-Based Translation, Pootle: Part 1 – Introduction and Installation, by Dierk Seeburg
    In the first of this three-part series, Dierk begins by introducing what web-based translation is and how you can get started with Pootle in particular.
    Intro Seminar on SDL Trados 2006, by Emily Tell and Deborah Lockhart
    Emily and Deborah summarize the introductory seminar they gave regarding SDL Trados 2006.
    Trados Tip, by Tuomas Kostiainen
    In this first of what is now a regular column, Tuomas points out some alternative keyboard shortcuts.
  • Issue 1 – 2007 (380K)
    News regarding our division, website, mailing list and contacts