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This library contains articles on various subjects which may be of interest to the members of the Language Technology Division. To access the articles you need (in most cases) a program that can read Adobe’s PDF format. One of them is the Acrobat Reader, which you can download free of charge from Adobe’s website.

Disclaimer: The comments and opinions expressed in articles, blog posts, and resources linked on the Language Technology Division site are not necessarily those of the administrators and officers, Web producers, and Listmasters of the ATA Language Technology Divsion. The reviewing and mentioning of products and other language technology is not to be understood as endorsements of products, companies and services.



Subtitling Motion Pictures: Techniques and Technologies

Alain Martinossi
This is the Power Point presentation (without the copyrighted movie clips) of Alain Martinossi, division distinguished speaker at the 2012 ATA conference in San Diego. (Added: 2012/11)
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Machine Translation: First Date: Outreach from the Machine Translation Community to Translators

Laurie Gerber and Jay Marciano
This article will explore common ground between machine translation operators and human translators and call for participation in shaping machine translation tools from a translator perspective. (Added: 2006/09)
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Machine Translation: What Is Really at Stake with Machine Translation

By Rosana Wolochwianski
This article will explore common prejudices and look at machine translation (MT) from a different perspective in the year 2009. (Added: 2006/09)
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Machine Translation: Translating Automation into New Opportunities

By Ursula Schwalbach and Franco Zearo
This article will explore common prejudices and look at machine translation (MT) from a different perspective in the year 2006. (Added: 2006/09)

  • When does it make sense to consider MT as a valid business option?
  • What kind of investment is necessary to achieve acceptable language quality?
  • What opportunities does such an investment present for language professionals?

In examining these questions, the article will not engage in a scientific analysis of the various types of MT engines. Rather, it will focus on the content being translated and how one can ensure that the end product is suitable for its intended purpose. (Added: 2006/09)
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So…Is There a Good Thing About Standards?

By Beatriz Bonnet
An introduction to and further information on translation quality management standards. (Added: 2006/09)
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The Year of Standards – Language Standards after LISA

By Michael Metzger
An OpEd and Invitation to Participation by LTD Administrator Michael Metzger. (Added: 2011/10)
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RSS Feeds / News Feeds

(Added: 2006/07)
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Translation Tools and Tools for Translators

For information on translation tools and tools for translators, click on the category of tool in the list below. We have attempted to indicate on which platforms each tool works, so pick the category, then look for tools for your OS. (Added: 2008/02)
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