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Accounting, Business, and Workflow Tools

Accounting, business and workflow tools

Acronis [Windows]
Backup software for your computer, including your data, OS and applications.

AnyCount [Windows]
A word counting tool. Supports .RTF, .DOC, .WPD, .XLS, .PPT, .PPS, .PDF, .CSV, .HTM, .HTML, .XML, .MIF, .TXT, .ZIP, .ODT, .SDW, .SXW, .ODS, .SDC, .SXC, .ODP, .SDD, .SXI, .HLP, .CHM formats, characters with spaces, characters without spaces. Note: This comes bundled with Translation Office 3000.

Project Open [Windows, Mac OS, Linux through VMWare] [Free]
Web-based ERP/Project Management software for organizations with 2-200 users. Not specifically for translators.

Translation Office 3000 [Windows]
Accounting and administrative software for freelance translators (allows multiple currencies, which most accounting programs do not allow unless you buy the corporate version.)

Translator’s Office Manager [Windows]
Manages projects, addresses, finances, correspondence and schedules.