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Tools for Quality Assurance and Translation Memory Maintenance

November 7th, 2012 | by LTD | 1 Comment

Session LT-2 at ATA 2012
Presenter: Tuomas Kostiainen
Reviewed by: Katalin Varga

There were memorable milestones in translation technology over the past decades. The development of new tools and techniques is happening at an amazing speed, you really have to be watchful to keep up with the progress. Even though there are plenty of tools we can be grateful for, I still believe QA tools have gained a very good position in this race.

I clearly remember when many years ago I struggled with hundreds of translated TTX files, done by several translators, having enormous volume of technical data in them. Time was running so fast and my firm commitment as a project manager to check and fix everything seemed to lack any reality. I was eager to find a solution that could help me as I clearly felt that checking such volume from certain aspects truly exceeds the limit of what a human eye can check. That was the point when I met QA Distiller first. I felt as if I was in an amusement park with a daily pass and I could try out all the rides. And of course, later on I met many other members of the QA family.

When I planned my schedule at ATA 2012 I was absolutely certain that this presentation cannot be missed as I was really curious how Tuomas would summarize the current status of QA tools.

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Cat out of the bag: Better Names

September 21st, 2006 | by mm | No Comments

Ideas and opinions are what make us think and grow. Following is an editiorial from The Tool Kit by Jost Zetzsche. Which also gives us the opportunity to announce a syndication with The Tool Kit. We will periodically publish articles from this “computer newsletter for translators.” Stay tuned…

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